~ Awakening Divine Energy ~




Spirited is a set of 56 oracle cards, including a guidebook with description and divination. This project was initiated by Paola Idrontino and Michelle Reid.

Spirited consists of eight different categories: Animals, Archetypes, Cycles, Directions, Elementals, Realms, Shields and Spirits. Each category is composed of seven cards. The eight different themes/categories cast a wide net over an expansive array of teachings and information that can assist you in determining your place upon your journey presently; to assist with a life decision or give you an overview with a general spread. These categories can of course, be expanded on in many ways; we have chosen seven cards per theme.


Animals are our fellow companions in this wonderful life journey, bringing many messages of joy, beauty, insight, and wisdom to us on our earth walk.  Each animal has their very own “collective conscious heart” just as we humans have our “collective human heart.” As we observe animals in mother nature and their natural wild habitats, we learn from their attributes and can see how they are reflected or mirrored in us. They are messengers and omens upon our path, sharing their attributes with us; assisting us to see the greater weave, the greater interconnectedness of all that is. This is how we can deepen our relationship with all kingdoms of mother earth.

Archetypes were put on the map by Carl Jung and are both ancient and universal.  They are psychological patterns of behaviour, which display both light and dark (shadow) aspects, when out of balance. Archetypes provide the foundation for our personality and our actions and can assist us in knowing more about our repeating patterns, whether healthy or unhealthy, and how we interact with others, based on these patterns.

Cycles of life are the natural rhythms of life itself. All life on Earth experiences birth and ultimately death. We Humans experience birth to adolescence to elder to death. The waxing and waning of the Moon and tides, the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The great Mayan Cycles and astrological cycles of the earth and planet itself.  Here we are following the Cycles in a woman’s life, to help guide us to our deeper truths. To also perhaps “tap in” to some lost parts of yourself, so we can reclaim them and become whole again.

Directions are so necessary upon our journey, so we can see where we are at and move in a direction towards our goals. We can literally “chart our course.” There are seven directions to consider, East, South, West, North, Above Below and Centre, each with its own attributes and teachings, as we journey the Sacred Hoop of Life. We can use these directions to either speed up or slow down, to either introspect or start a new project, or to just understand the place we find ourselves in.

Elementals are superpowers that we co-create our lives with, within us and around us.  Our very bodies contain these elementals, and therefore communing with them and becoming aware of their presence in our lives can be very empowering. Tapping into the meaning of these elementals can give us the direction and guidance we seek. They can share their attributes with us, shedding light on areas within ourselves we may need to pay attention to.

Realms. There are many. We live in a multi-dimensional reality. My world can look very different to yours. These realms, some mythological, some metaphorical, can assist us in navigating our Path by acknowledging the realities or non-realities we find ourselves in. Perhaps they can guide us home, by taking refuge from our third dimensional reality. Just as Animals and Elementals have a place within us, so too can we access many different realms within.

Shields are another guidance system to assist us in our alignment within relationship to ourselves and others.  They consist of Courage, Loyalty, Honesty, Wisdom, Love, Humility and Respect. Much like the directions, we can use these to check in with ourselves regarding which is moving through us, and where are we falling short of being impeccable in all areas of our lives.  Where we are not being honest with ourselves, for example, and others, or truthful, or loyal. These Shields can help guide us towards our fullest most loving potential.

Spirits exist in all realms, but we specifically speak of the Spirit Realm. Our Ancestors who have walked before us, our guides and guardians and spiritual teachers, Great Spirit and ultimately Great Mystery, all exist on a celestial level, in higher frequencies of energy as we understand it. Our Prayers are received by these spirits in the unseen realm., as we receive guidance from them. We know we can call on them in times of need, and oftentimes receive omens and messages from them.